Memory+Storage and Programming the SCK


I've got two questions. First, how much internal memory does the unit have? I currently have it set to taking a measurement every minute but posting every 5. Now, if I'm not connected to wi-fi for an extended period of time (I take the unit with me) and I come back in the evening, will the unit post all the readings from every minute of the day? That is what appears to be happening when I pull the CSV sensor data (my sensor is 2002) but I'm curious about what the limitation is?

Also, is there any way to program this unit other than the USB? as most people here, mine keeps falling off and I don't have a good solution to date. (I have tried the fix outlined here, but ideally I'd like to swap out for a through hole USB board, not sure if you're still getting those out to people).

Thanks in advance!


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