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2.1 Enclosure STL?

Hey guys,
I suppose that as no one as access to the actual hardware, no enclosure for 2.1 is available at the moment. I’m I right?

Anyone has the technical drawings or know where they are so we can create one?


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We are working on a new enclosure for the SCK 2.1 we will release soon!

We currently have a basic enclosure design you can explore using recycled materials and a set of 3D printed clips. It’s not a fully rainproof enclosure but a way to start tinkering with new low-cost enclosure designs.

Here the instructions:

Here the 3D printed clips

Hope this helps!

I really like the design of your enclosure.
May I have access to a beta version of it?

I would be much appreciated!


We’ll post more updates here, soon!

Here some tests using CNC milling on HDPE and a PMMA pipe to reduce production time

Here the first prototypes!

We’re working on a fully 3D printable version as well as an HDPE milled version to make production in high volumes easier.

We will soon release all the files for everyone the make, improve and share!

Got the kit, can’t wait to try the enclosure!

Good work.

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First tests!

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Hi there
In my humble opinion (perhaps I have missed something out?), the cable outlet should be on the other side of the mounting base (next to the hook), as now you “waste” 10cm of the USB cable and it is away from the wall.

Milling the first fully HDPE version! More news coming soon!

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More insights from the first beta series


Hi there
Here goes my interpretation (v1) of the enclosure, hacking the original one (thanks, Oscar, for the files!). Thought I’d give it some IaaC feeling :slightly_smiling_face:
Photos attached.
Still might need some improvement.
By the way, for keeping the housing relatively small, I have used a USB cable with an angled micro USB plug.


Looks nice.
Is it possible to get your stl files?

Yes, with pleasure. I’ll publish these as soon as I find out how to publish these. Seems not to be allowed here.

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Hi there, how are things going at the development site?
Are there any test results yet?
Can you give an estimated time of availability of the milled enclusure?

Greetings, D


All enclosures are uploaded to the enclosures repository. We will put a comparison in there soon for the different options.

Just as a side note, for now, the milled option is currently being used for large projects involving long deployments and we have not yet started thinking about shipping it. However, one interesting option would be to have a look at a local fablab and check if they can mill (or print) it for you.

The link to enclosures repo is currently broken. I guess you can always find it on the index !

Fixed! Also fixed cloning issues in windows because of the .*

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That works a treat. By the way the enclosures sections looking really great now! Far better than 18 months ago when I got my first sck2.1!
Well done !

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