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Battery and Connectors for it

I have just ordered my Smart Citizen 2.1 starter kit from Seeed.
The standard battery will be 3.7V 2000 mAh with (maybe 24 hours life).
I think its too little time for me, so I plan to upgrade to 6000 mAh.
Seeed have no stock of this size.
I see something that looks right on Core Electronics site :
Its unclear if this battery has inbuilt protection circuit or not, so I asked them; Now waiting on a response. The SC 2.1 data board has inbuilt charger. Is there enough protection for the battery or do I need to insist upon it ?

The connector on this battery is “standard 2-pin JST-PH connector - 2mm spacing between pins”. The data on Smart Citizen Hardware says the battery connector is “The batteries are connected to a standard JST-2 pin battery connector.”

Both these descriptions say they use standard connector but not identified the same way. Maybe I am pedantic, but please can you confirm its likely I can just plug in the larger battery without needing an adaptor.

My 6000 mAh battery arrived and I have been engaged testing it out and comparing its life to the standard 2000 mAh unit that came in the kit.
I have not yet completed a full discharge/charge cycle for either however enough data gathered to estimate life of each.
Using a standard kit…
2000 mAh battery discharged 40% over 20 hours.
It will last about 2.5 days on a full (98%) charge.
6000 mAh battery discharged 10% over 24 hours.
Looks like it will last 10 days on a full (99%) charge.
These estimates assume the battery is available for discharge over the full range 0% to 100%.