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Battery not charging well

I am having problems with the battery charging on my kit. The graph shows the battery discharging and slightly charging over and over again until it hits 1% (see attached)

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Have an update on my battery charging observations and problems. See below a couple of typical screenshots


If I break the power to the kit, even for a couple of seconds, the kit immediately reports that the battery level has plummeted from previous value (you will see approx 50%), to almost zero, and then slowly

creeps back up.

The second image shows this trend repeated over a few days.

Any ideas what is happening?

Hi Andy,

It seems a hardware problem with the battery.
During the ups and downs of your second image, the kit was connected all time?

If you feel like it you can find out more connecting to your kit via USB, in this guide there is more info on how to do that. With the charger command you should information regarding the charge:


You can enable the battery voltage sensor with sensor -enable battery voltage this sensor is not recorded in the platform but you can check its behavior via sd card or via USB.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Andy,

I have been testing solar panels with some kits and I found an issue very similar to your problem.
The battery percentage calculation is done on the assumption that we have a stable power supply that’s not the case with a solar panel (clouds) so maybe your problem is related to a faulty power supply and not the battery.

Have you tried using a different charger?
Any charger that can deliver 1A will work.

I’m also working on improving battery calculation under unstable conditions, this will be included in the next firmware release.

Keep us posted on your findings.