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Is it possible to get the data out of the Sensor directly?

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I wondered if it is possible to get the measurements out of the Sensor directly, for a small experiment where we don’t have WIFI?

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How does the kit record the data? Link

The sensor can work in network and SD card modes. In network mode, the sensor publish data to the SC platform over Wi-Fi every minute. In SD card mode, all the collected data is stored locally in CSV format, and it can be later uploaded manually to the platform using the “Manual Data Upload” option.

See Operation Modes for more info

You can also request the sensors data using the Shell available over USB. Check the Read/Monitor some sensors guide.

What I mean is is it possible to get out the data so I can send it via a different stack than WIFI, e.g. LoRa.

Can anyone help with this?

Well, first you’ll need to know how your LoRa radio will get the data. Here some options:

  1. You don’t want to touch the firmware. You can connect the Kit with another board, i.e. a Pi running LoRA and read the data from the Kit using the USB shell.

  2. You want to touch the firmware a little bit. You build a Wi-Fi to LoRa gateway where your Kit(s) will post data to a local MQTT server and then they will be relayed via LoRa to your platform.

  3. You want to go more into the firmware. You could use the AUX connector to connect a LoRa module and relay the data directly with LoRa. You will need to customize the firmware as the AUX port is designed for auxiliary sensors, not auxiliary communication interfaces.

  4. You want to go into PCB design. You can redesign the SCK Data Board and replace the ESP8266 for a LoRa module or even keep both. We’ll be happy to support you promoting your design!

Does it help you?