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New Firmware (0.9.6) released

Hello everyone!

A new firmware release is available here, to update your kit you can follow this guide in our documentation.

New in this release

  • Chirp Soil moisture sensor work:
    • After calibration normal Soil Moisture sensor returns percent.
    • New Soil Moisture RAW sensor delivers capacitance.
    • Calibration data is saved on SAM flash.
    • Integrated Chirp light sensor.
    • Added reset command to recover Chirp sensor default I2C address.
  • Rename build script to to avoid confusion on usage.
  • Updated I2C Aux sensor address list.
  • Stop urban board disabled sensors on boot. Important for PM power savings.


  • Fix kit not taking readings on wifi error.
  • Fix kit not waking up on button click on some situations.
  • Fix hang with Monitor console command.
  • Fix test-protocol: now waits until initial ESP flash memory format is finished.
  • Fix error when changing from net to sd mode with readings on ram.
  • Fix bug that breaks some console config commands

There are no changes on ESP firmware 0.9.2 version is still the latest.

If you found any issues please help us reporting it directly in our github repository or with a comment here!

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For which version of kit is this?
Thank you!

SCK 2.1 :rocket:

I try to follow the instructions at but somehow this doesn’t work for me. First I can’t get a red light so I can’t get it into Set Up Mode. Second (I already had the token written down) I can’t get a steady green light. A flashy one I have, but my Macbook won’t see the SCK. Can you help me update the firmware? Thanks!