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Unit failure suffering from weather?

Hi, my unit (9795, oldpitt ) Earith, UK has apparently failed. Looking at the board there appears to be some corrosion to components on the main board, it has been outside in a bottle enclosure for several months but has never got wet from the rain but possibly has from autumnal damp mornings. The status light flashes white twice then green then off. It will not turn off or reset, the battery will not charge and the WiFi is dead. I have tried reloading the software but USB has also failed. I think I might now be just a paperweight!

This also happened over here (wet and windy Belgium). I managed to clean the SCK 1.1 PCB with a very stiff brush and some isopropyl alcohol. It went back online but after some months it corroded again and I upgraded to version 2.1.

Hi, I have tried cleaning the board with warm distilled water and a stiff artists brush which removed most of the corrosion followed by an i-propanol wash and 24 hours warm air drying but the board appears ruined. Some of the IC pins appear corroded away. I get flashing lights but nothing more from the unit. It seems to me to be a manufacturing fault that the units which are supposed to measure urban pollution are eaten by the pollution or the natural atmosphere where we are measuring the pollution.

Hi @brianburpitt

Sad to read that the unit is not functioning well. :cry:
Have you tried removing the Urban Board and checking if it boots?

Could you show us some pictures of the enclosure that you used? If it’s the same one as described in this section of the docs, remeber that it was only meant for very short deployments.

Keep in mind that casing is designed for short outdoor deployments. If you want a case for long exhibitions abroad, we will soon have a much more rugged enclosure ready! Also, feel free to explore all our enclosures repository for this and other versions of our hardware.

The electronics of the kit need to be protected from high humidity and rain:

Can the sensors be placed outdoors?
Yes. The sensor is designed for both indoors and outdoors use. But if you’re planning to use it outdoors, you will have to consider purchasing also a rainproof enclosure.

Can you give some more details please, ie when do you expect this to be ready, cost, design etc

Many thanks


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Hi Andy,

There are two types of enclosures: DIY with 3D printing (see enclosures repository) and the custom solution we offer (see image below). Currently we don’t have this commercially available, but I believe @pral2a could give you more details about cost.



Hi @andy

Could you write to us at with the number of enclosures you will like?

We could send you a budget for the enclosure above