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Website not displaying data from kit

I’ve received my repaired Smart Citizen Kit and the wifly module is now working. I’ve got everything set up and working properly with the kit, including my Wifi SSID and passphrase (I checked with “get wlan”).

The module is set to gather sensor data every 1 minute and publish to the website every 1 minute. From the logs, it appears to be doing so. I see something like this every minute on the Serial Monitor:

SCK Waking up…
SCK Connected!!
updates = 1
Posted to Server!
Old connection active. Closing…
SCK Sleeping

Temperature: 26104 C RAW
Humidity: 20628 % RAW
Light: 52.90 lx
Battery: 100.00 %
Solar Panel: 0 mV
Carbon Monxide: 276.57 kOhm
Nitrogen Dioxide: 60.19 kOhm
Noise: 0 mV
Wifi Spots: 14
UTC: 2015-1-12 14:32:41

However, when I visit the website to view my data (, the last update was 150 days ago.

Is there any way to check whether the website is receiving my kit’s data? How long does it take for the website to show the new data? It’s been sending data for about 12 hours, but I haven’t seen any updates on the website.

Hi @mpatzer,

You can check the API directly. Go to:

Then substitute your API key for the one above, and substitute “/41/” for “/1504/”. In the response you get there will be a line of info like this:

UTC",“last_insert_datetime”:“2014-03-27 13:22:16 UTC”,“posts”:[{“timestamp”:"2014-03-27 12:21:54

You can see in this example that device 41 is posting today.

Let us know what you find. Thanks,

SCK 685

Hi @mpatzer, I can see that you still facing problems with your device. I will speak about your issue to our workmate @Guillem so he can give you a hand. Anyway, I would try to delete the sensor and start from zero again. Sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused you. All the best. :slight_smile: