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API mqt -> http down for the past few days

Seems like things have been down for a bit, and I’ve also now gotten “Device stopped publishing” messages twice.

Perhaps now that the weekend is over, someone will be able to take a look?

Tangentially related, it seems like there are some ssl/connection errors when trying to open

Almost ALL kits are down!!!
What is going on???

Armageddon!! :boom:

Just kidding, issue Saturday night that we didn’t see… it should be back online. For those who haven’t done it yet, latest firmware has support to recover from this in the Flash

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The shows that the system is up and running now.

But, At this moment the SSL connection issue on reported by @kungfudiscomonkey remains current:

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.


Hi, yes, you should use the one

Typically it’s good practice (and far more discoverable) to use a status subdomain similar how there is and It did used to work in the past, so maybe at a very least it would be worthwhile to setup a redirect if there is no plan to fix the actual domain.

I am just curious: what does this mean ?

Down for 5 minutes

The reason was Keyword has not been found.

Seems like a strange kind of fault to me.

after February 19, 21:13 , my kit does not publishing also !
please help

Still not working? Let us know please!

All my sensors are down, though they are in different locations.