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Approximate Speed/Bandwidth requirements for SmartCitizen kit?


I am currently considering the purchase of one or more SmartCitizen units to measure all supported environmental data (PM, noise, etc) at a few remote locations, likely on a data and bandwidth limited plan (3G/4G LTE router).

Can you inform me what is the approximate speed/bandwidth needed, as well as the approximate monthly data usage per month for a single SmartCitizen unit to upload data at the normal and/or maximum transmission frequency supported?

Thank you.

Taking some example message published to MQTT:

It’s 123 bytes. Note that not all readings will have the PM values, but for estimation, we can say they all do. If we assume the default of 1 reading per minute:

123 (bytes) * 1.05 (5% overhead for protocol) * 60 (minutes per hour) * 24 (hours per day) * 7 (days per week) * 4 (weeks per month)

~ 5.2 megabytes per month

This is just a rough estimate with some overhead to allow for MQTT headers and such, but I have no idea what real world values are.