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Backorder for new kits - when will it be available?

Hello! I’m eager to purchase a kit and get set up in my community but saw that all kits are on backorder. Is there an estimate for when new kits will be available? Thank you!

Gosh you’re right. Seeedstudio had stock only a few days ago (when I last checked) now it’s gone. I also checked Mouser (who hold a lot of Seeed stock items) and they also have zero stock.

Mouser say manufacturer lead time is 9 weeks.

You could try : Smart Citizen Kit - LabMaker

I suggest that you check with them on actual stock levels before ordering.
They have a slightly higher price than Seeed but maybe freight cost is less and faster delivery time too (in Europe).

I have heard that the global chip shortage has affected availability of some key items such as SAMD021 MCU chip that is core of Smart Citizen. So, if you cannot buy it from Labmaker then maybe you need to wait until Seeed make some more ….

@oscgonfer @victor

Hi all,

As @bryn.parrott explains, current situation is quite tricky due to microcontroller shortage. We are arranging with SEEED Studio a new production but it seems that before the end of the summer we will not be able to enter the queue for new SAMD21, as they are all out of stock and automotive manufacturers have priority…

So current situation is:

  • some units may be available in LabMaker (<10)
  • some units are available in Fab Lab Barcelona through, but very limited and only customized versions (stations, enclosures, water… etc)
  • current new expected production with SEEED is at least October

We’ll try to keep this thread active with more news as soon as we progress with SEEED.

Thanks all