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Battery is de-charging. (even with solar panel attached)

Dear Community,
my issue is:
the battery is de-charging with a solar panel.
No wake-up even when there is sun…

As I received the SCK just a week ago, I assume I have the latest Firmware.

What can I do to charge the battery by panel?

Very best regards

Hi Klaus, have you use the sandbox to configure your kit!? It is crucial to update the firmware on the WiFly module to avoid several problems we have been suffering during the last weeks. See: You just need to follow the configuration steps as you did before. Let me know if everything goes well, please. :slight_smile:

okay, I’ll do…
*what is the sandbox exactly?
*don’t I have the latest firmware on this device shipped that recently??

  • what is the difference between V1.1 and V1.0? Photos?
  • how can I check / readout the actual firmware#?

*The sandbox is like a test-bed or benchmark you use to try changes or improvements before they are released to the general public.

  • Nope! The WiFly module has not the latest firmware version installed. You can read more about this topic here:
  • Some of the sensors have changed from one versión to the other. Some hardware bugs have been also corrected. New features added. Layout improved. As I said before we are working on all this documentation. We would really appreciate a bit of help from the community with all this. :slight_smile:
  • The new Smart Loader will recognise and let you know the firmware that your SCK is using. Try it here:

okay here’s what I did:

I used sandbox to update the firmware - failed 3x then,

I used the Arduino Software and the Beta0.85-Firmware to upload it to my SCK - failed.
Screenshot of the last fail:

What else can I try?

  • Now, on the sandbox-webinterface, it's telling me, that I have updated to 0.86 (!)
  • where does that come from???

Anyway - it seems like I have installed the latest update (0.85 or 0.86) and: My cute little SCK is doi’n data again! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the aid!