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Battery performance without 'air quality' sensors


On the seeedstudio page to buy the SCK starter kit, it’s mentioned that the battery lifetime for the kit is 25 days without the air quality sensors while publishing to the SD card (no WiFi).

I wanted to know if this includes the onboard VOC and CO2 sensors or just the PMS5003, and if those have to be disabled to achieve this battery performance. If yes, what’s the best way to disable them without worrying about messing up other sensor readings?


Hi @abv13,

That battery performance is an indicative value, but it is somewhere on the order of 2-3 weeks (maybe more with the latest firmware changes). You also can improve battery performance while having the PM sensors active by simply reducing the recording and publication interval.

This estimation does only account for disabling the PMS5003 sensor, leaving the other sensors in the Urban Board enabled. To disable them, you would need to use the shell in the kit. There is more information on the specific commands here.

To disable the PM sensor you would need to type:

sensor pm -disable

Then type in sensor to verify that is no longer in the list of enabled sensors.