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Bike Intelligence Centre (Appreciation Post)

Hey there Smart Citizen family!

After completing my Final Degree Project of my Bachelor’s degree (in which I use the Smart Citizen Kit) I want to share with you my results and my gratitude in making this possible.

The Project - Bike Intelligence Centre
The aim of this project is to build a platform that can represent both the actual bicycle transit situation and the environmental quality data in a particular region. This makes possible the improvement of the bicycle mobility infrastructures by detecting detours, black spots or very polluted segments with the final target of fostering the urban sustainable mobility.

The system consists on a web-platform that gathers and visualizes data related to bicycle mobility on the one hand, and bicycle-gathered environmental quality data on the other. This data-gathering is possible thanks to different data sources: BikeCitizens App, regional public datasets and the Smart Citizen Kit enhanced with a GPS (similar to the Almabike project) named Bike Intelligence Device on the project’s scope.

The Results

Platform’s main menu

Platform’s mobility page (heatmap of most usual detours)

Platform’s environmental quality page

SCK + GPS deployed in a bicycle inside a box

The data gathered by the SCK is consulted from the Smart Citizen API, then is processed to build the proper Tracks and the related environmental quality measurements, plus the linked Detours. All this is stored on a Postgres+PostGIS database.

Project’s general architecture

If you want more information about this project you can check the GitHub repository: BIC or you can contact me via this forum or my Twitter account: @andereguiluz

The gratitude part
After finishing my Computer+Electronics engineering studies I have realized than I am more a software than a hardware engineer. That’s why the hardware part of this project is the one that I struggled with the most. Here in the Smart Citizen project I found a device that’s not only meant to make the hardware part more easy and user-friendly but also thought to be a totally open source and hardware development, making it even easier. Besides and more importantly, I found people that are motivated towards the goal of moving citizen science closer to the ‘regular’ citizen and helping others selflessly in the process.

This is why I have no more than gratitude words for everyone in the Smart Citizen project that made this possible and for everyone in this forum who helped me traveling the path of the citizen scientist, specially to @oscgonfer and @bryn.parrott who taught me a ton of interesting lessons about the SCK and the GPS foundations and finally gave me the clues to run this project.

Even though it is in Spanish, you have a line dedicated on the Acknowledgements section of my Final Degree Project.

Let this post be my homage to you all and to this project :smiley: . Thanks!

P.S. During the last steps of the project I had the opportunity to make a short visit to my brother that lives in a city that may sound familiar to the Smart Citizen developer team. I took a photo that can give you some clues… :wink:


Congratulations @ander.eguiluz the project, and thanks for posting it! That kind of story is what we built the project for! Thanks again to @bryn.parrott and @oscgonfer for the community support!

You are welcome @pral2a and @ander.eguiluz
And in turn I can thank the smart citizen team for helping me realise my own project in particular @oscgonfer.
You know all this works on cooperation and enthusiasm and it’s great to see it work well here at Smart Citizen

Wow! This looks really good @ander.eguiluz ! It’s very impressive! Congratulations on the work and on finishing your degree(s)
Are you planning on developing it further? I remember you mentioning it too.

Next time you come to Barcelona please let us know and we visit the lab and grab a celebratory beer! :beers:

Thank you :smiley: !

Yes! The project will go on next year but due to institutional affaires I can’t continue developing it so another colleague from my university will continue the job.

Be sure that nex time I visit my brother I’ll let you know, the beers are on me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :beers:


Zoroniak, Ander! Impressive job!

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