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Board dimensions

Hi all,

Does anyone know where to find the full dimensions of the SCK 2.1 kit. Yes I know I could get a ruler out and measure, but surely there should be some manufacturing details with the exact measurements.



Hi @smartcitizen1!

Yes, we have uploaded them in the enclosures repo:

You will find an STL and a drawing in pdf.

Hope it helps you make your enclosures! Also, we have uploaded some designs as well, check them out in the repo!


That is awesome,

Now to nick some time with the 3D printer at work :smiley:

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Printer found, so will post some pictures of the finished enclosure when the R&D guys have printed out the parts.



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Amazing! We are looking forward to seeing the results!

Ok first print

A little work maybe required, but nearly there.

I need to get the printing guys to look at the size of the gap of for the particle sensor, as it isnt fitting through the holder, and maybe the height of the bracket in general as it seems very tight on the sckboards.

The top has come out really nice and fits well.

I will update when I get the next print




That looks amazing Andy!! :smiley:
Thanks for sharing :heart:

Hi guys,

A few tweaks (I will find out what my 3D printing friend has done) but the board and the PM Sensor fit absolutely perfectly now :smiley:

Here is a bit of a photoshoot of the finished article.


That’s so nice!
As an example, the battery and Planttower cable can be fixed like this: