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Buttons on SCK - PCB

Dear Communiy,
I found 2 Buttons on my SCK-PCB:

-but where is the documentation?

Very best regards

Hi Klaus! :slight_smile: We have a lot of work to do with the documentation yet. But I guess that the attached file could be useful for the moment. Stay tuned. Much more documentation will be released during the next weeks. All the best. :slight_smile:

Thank you!
-I can see your file on the page, but can’t download it even without addons and nor on another browser…
What can I do to download it?

If you open it on a new browser tab, you can save (print) it as PDF. :slight_smile:

here, it is just a graphic…
can’t open it in another tab
can’t download :-/
do you have a simple link?

my screenshot of the .pdf:

tried on firefox 27.0.1 (and on internet explorer 11.0)

But you should be able to click on it and it should open on your browser. I am using chrome and it works fine. I can sent it to you via email, if you want. :slight_smile:

I can’t click it.
Can we prevent us from sending emails?

Do you have a simple link to the .pdf, please?
Cheers Klaus

Same problem for me! No way to open the file. I’m using IE 9

Sorry, it was a config error : now all member can see / download the files.
By the way, the two button are (starting from left) :

  • reset (on-off)
  • mode (router mode for receiving configuration from mobile app - or Normal mode for sending data to server)


Ahh! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the .pdf!