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Can a UartSBee be used to restore the SCK bootloader to revive the USB port?

Like many others who already posted about dead USB serial ports following attempts to update the firmware (, seems I corrupted the bootloader on my SCK by uploading the Leonardo codeset by mistake (got LED 3 & 4 blicking and a steady green from LED 5).

Before attempting to hotwire my Seeeduino as a programmer for my SCK ( or purchasing a AVRISP MkII, is it possible to use a UartSBEE v4.0 to do the task?


Do I reburn the bootloader with/without the urban shield attached?

Do I need to disconnect the battery while burning?

The MkII connects to an ISCP ( - but the SCK has no stenciling indicating which pin is which on the ICSP …

From the UartSBEE got the following pins - where does each connect? [Hoping no soldering is needed]



hi @infrascapeLA,

Sorry for the late response.

You just can burn the bootloader using the ICSP and it is the same ICSP as in Arduino. The SCK base board it is based on an Arduino Leonardo and the Leonardo does not have UART for programming.

You can find useful information here: or you can contact for further assistance.

You need to remove the sensor board to access the ISCP pins.

Regarding the battery, it is not a problem have the battery connected while burning the bootloader, so it is up to you. I always disconnect it.

Attached you can find a couple pictures were the pinout is shown.

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