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Cant change location of sensor


I am trying to change my sensor location, but everytime I try to change it my new location is forgotten and I am still put in the old location.

I originally put my location as “Seoul, South Korea” and on the map I show up right on City Hall in downtown Seoul.
Now I would like to change my location to be more exact. Here is what I have tried so far.

  1. I go to sensor:edit. I turn off “autocomplete” to allow me to select location on map. I choose my correct location and see the gps coordinates updated. I click on “save sensor” on the bottom. And then “show on map” . Now it forgets my new location and sends me back to city hall in Seoul (old location.
  2. I go to sensor : edit. I leave auto complete on and enter my new location “Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga, Seoul, South Korea” The autocomplete recognizes this and puts in the correct new gps. I save sensor and click on show on map. It shows me back on City Hall in Seoul and my city is listed as Seoul now the correct Seongsu-dong.

How can I get it to remember my new location and stop sending me to my old location? I am using chrome on windows 7.

Thank you.



Hello @drew345,

I know you reported this a long time ago but I just wanted to let you know we release a new version of the platform 2 month ago in order to fix all those issues.

I encourage you to have it a look and let us know how it works