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Cant change location of sensor

I am trying to change my sensor location, but everytime I try to change it my new location is forgotten and I am still put in the old location.

I originally put my location as “Seoul, South Korea” and on the map I show up right on City Hall in downtown Seoul.
Now I would like to change my location to be more exact. Here is what I have tried so far.

  1. I go to sensor:edit. I turn off “autocomplete” to allow me to select location on map. I choose my correct location and see the gps coordinates updated. I click on “save sensor” on the bottom. And then “show on map” . Now it forgets my new location and sends me back to city hall in Seoul (old location.
  2. I go to sensor : edit. I leave auto complete on and enter my new location “Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga, Seoul, South Korea” The autocomplete recognizes this and puts in the correct new gps. I save sensor and click on show on map. It shows me back on City Hall in Seoul and my city is listed as Seoul now the correct Seongsu-dong.

How can I get it to remember my new location and stop sending me to my old location? I am using chrome on windows 7.

Thank you.

Hello @drew345,

I know you reported this a long time ago but I just wanted to let you know we release a new version of the platform 2 month ago in order to fix all those issues.

I encourage you to have it a look and let us know how it works

I am having the same problem, cant get the system to take account of a kit location change on the map interface?

Hello, I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried to change the location on the map but the marker moves back to its original position and the +/- doesn’t work either. Tried in both Safari and Chrome. Thanks

Hi, I’m also having the same problem: can’t change the location of my sensorkit. This problem exists for over 4 years, and due to inaccurate locations the measurements will be misinterpreted. So, why hasn’t this problem been solved yet?