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Changing wifi credentials

Hi all,

I am moving my SCK 2.1 to a different location. It wil return to my home in a couple of months. Is there a really easy way to change the wifi credentials? Or add ‘fallback’ credentials? What is the fastest way to achieve this?



The first thing is to establish motivation to get new credentials.

I think it’s likely you want to have the readings at the new location kept separate to the current location for comparison purpose.

It’s easy to do what you require.
Firstly record on paper your current credentials.
On the serial connection to your pc; in the serial terminal; type
And write down the details in particular the 5 character random code you see. (Tokencode) and the wifi credentials.
Secondly go to your login on and create a new kit; and again write down the 5 character code that is dished up by the portal. This is the ‘tokencode’
Thirdly go back to your serial terminal and put in the config command once again; this time you enter in new details being:
Wifi name
Wifi login password

Like this:
/>> config -network -wifi “wifi name” “wifi password”
-token tokencode

Notice that the wifi parameters need double quotes but the token code does not.

The kit will immediately take up the new credentials after a reset. If you are not in range of the new wifi then just turn off the kit and move the kit to the new location. Turn it on again when it gets to the new site.
Plug in your laptop once again and verify that the kit is now happily connected to the new wifi and has started to publish readings.
After some delay your new kit shows up at the new location on the map. The old location shows a grey marker.

When you have finished at the temporary site……
…. Some time later….
It’s a repeat of the above instructions but use wifi credentials for the main site and your old token that you wrote down. Now you kit shows up at the old location on the map.

Please note that at no stage is it necessary to do a factory reset of your kit (although that would also work). The method I have described is a quick hackers path to achieve your goal.

Personally I use this frequently during firmware development.

Some notes:
I have assumed you are using the latest firmware in both data board and esp being 0.9.8
If not then it’s best to upgrade before you do any of this. See documented instructions on how to do this.
However to note after installing the new firmwares you will want to use the config command. The new firmware installation puts the kit into factory reset state.


Hi Bryn,

Thanks a lot, your advise was very helpful. I’m using ESP and Samd versions 0.9.8, because I already updated last year.
I plugged in the SCK via usb. Via devmgmt I saw it appear as Arduino Zero thru COM5. I then connected Putty serial 9600 baud and was rewarded by some logging of messages. Typing in ‘config’ showed me how the unit is currently configured. I have not yet altered anything, but I’m sure I’ll succeed.
This really is an easy method.
And you’re right: when on another location I should separate the data and create a new kit. I will do that too. I keep you posted, and for now may thanks, since I don’t have to do any complicated things.


The new kit is online now, on a new location using a new SSID. Thanks again for your help, it saved me lots of time finding out the smartest way.