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Cleaning of sensors needed?

Hi there
Do the PM and gas sensors need any cleaning? I ask because, especially with the PM sensors, I would imagine that these might end collapsed by the particles.
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At least in my case I use a typical air blower used for photo cameras to clean the sensors from time to time.

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Good idea, thanks very much, xlarrosag.
Any official statement though?

Good question.
Ceiling fans are known to collect contamination, needing annual cleaning.
The Dust Sensor is not able to be filtered, so it seems likely the fan blades will collect contamination too.
Because the case of the sensor is sealed, I suspect it is not possible to open it up and wipe the blades without risk of damage. Use of electronic type canned air to blow the collected/precipitated dust off the blades thru the grille seems fraught with risk of damaging the interior of the device.
So, my conclusion is that if you notice readings of the device are deteriorating in some way then you need to buy another sensor.
Lets hope that the sensors continue to be available for purchase.
Where I live is not heavily polluted, but I do wonder how they go in places like Beijing with issues like this.