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Code refactoring


I’m recoding the firmware to save memory.
I need to understand the aim of debug mode and the terminal mode (serial command ###)

When you enter the command ###, what do you expect the SCK to do ?
It seems it stops sending data to the server.

When debugON is true, what is it expected ?


OK thanks !
It’s a little bit confusing because when debug is ON you should except to have more debug traces.
There’s another variable : terminal_mode.

So, If well understood : ### command stops debug traces and some more if checking debugOn.
And it seems sensor mode is also set to OFFLINE : it stops to read sensors too.

if the SCK is sleeping, it should respond only to the 2 following commands :

SCK commands mode

$$$ WiFly commands mode

Nothng else ?



You can check the SCK (SmartCitizenKit) commands here:

That particular command:

Wake up the module and enter SCK commands mode

Here is the line that does that:

When debugOn is true, the kit should minimize output to the serial port so you can send commands without being interrupted.

Hope this helps!