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Connect sck to Arduino wirelessly?


I am doing a project with the theme “connectivity” (very broad). I am using an Arduino and Smart Citizen and can use other resources too. I would like to connect the sck to the arduino, and have the Arduino control a fan and window shades , etc, for indoor climate control.
What would be my best way to send temperature data at least, (maybe brightness, pollution etc. also) from the sck to the Arduino? I have ethernet shield and also bluetooth module for the arduino. My first thought is to connect the sck to my laptop with a cable and serial connection, and then have a bluetooth connection from my laptop to the Arduino. That might be OK, but IoT is all the rage now so some connection over the internet would be interesting too.
Any ideas on getting temperature data from the sck to an Arduino?
Thanks, Drew


@drew345: if you have internet available, the easiest way would be to extract the data from Smart Citizen’s API ( using an Arduino ethernet or an Arduino WiFi Shield. From the SC API you could trigger any parameter you want to the Arduino. In fact, if both boards would have access to the internet, it would not be a problem to locate them separated by a thousand miles. Best!


This … is … exciting! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
(I apologize now for the dumb API questions I will surely ask in the near future)


Could someone propose code with which we could “read” i.e. temp from SC API with an arduino with ie Wifi shield?
This could be done with GET request?
I’m interested about how we choose some specific data (ie. temp) from the whole API response

Thanks in advance!


I posted almost that exact same question on the Arduino coding forum. Please take a look here for moving in the direction you are looking for.


Nice reply from the Arduino forum.

Let us know how your project evolves, this will be a nice tutorial for many other SCK’s users who are willing to do the same!