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Connecting Alphasense sensors to SCK2.1

Hi there,
I have bought the 3 recommended alphasense sensors each on a 4 electrode ISB
I want to connect them to SCK 2.1…
1.Is there any guidelines how should I connect them ?
2.Do I need any extra hardware for the connection ?
3.And are they going to be logged in the SD or I need any updates for the kit ?


Hi Hala!

I try to respond step-by-step:

  1. It depends on pt 2.
  2. Currently, the only possibility to connect them is with the gas pro board (docs on the board here). However, we are not very far away from using another board with alphasense’s official driver. For this, you need their ISB (individual sensor board) and some extras, such as an ADC (for instance this one from adafruit) and a carrier board to make the conexions. See the full stack below:

Even if we are close, we didn’t have time to implement this in the firmware (actually we just need to support adafruit ADC) and this is not documented yet, since we don’t fully suport it.

  1. When using the gases pro board, you need to do the onboarding of the SmartCitizen following this guide and selecting Smart Citizen Station. The hardware will be autodetected and logged into sdcard or published online depending on the mode you select. If you use another hardware (like the one above) it’s not defined at the moment.

Hope it helps!

Hi Oscar,
Thank you for your reply I will try to do the steps but still I wish to have the logging for the alphasense sensors.
1.Where can I buy the gas pro board ?
2.Is it applicable with SCK 2.1 ?


Currently we don’t have available Gas Pro Board for sale.
However, if you are in UCD, there might be something we can do with iScape hardware.