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Connecting to WiFi


we’re having problems connecting SCKs to WiFi in schools, even when the school has a private WiFi network. In a few cases, the SCK connected and shortly after was offline.

The problem may be the distance from the SCK to the nearest WiFi point, but because we are working with schools, we are very limited with where we can install the kit.

Thank you

Hi @anna.molter,

Thank you for writing here.

The power of the ESP (the WiFi antenna) is limited, and it will not reach far distances (or not so long if there are walls in between). However, it would be important to make sure that that’s the actual problem, and not anything else, for instance a bug in our firmware, or something.

So, more details on the version, and steps you follow after the connectivity is lost and comes back, would be very appreciated to give you some support.


Usually when the Wi-Fi signal is the problem the kit will be indicating it if you check it on location with Arduino IDE / serial monitor. This goes in pair with the led blinking fast blue. See RGB LED legend here: What is it? - Smart Citizen Docs

I solved the problem a couple of times by using a Wi-Fi repeater like this one:

It costs about 30-40€ / $ and you place it midway between your SCK and the nearest Wi-Fi access point. Configuration is very easy - in my opinion best to set the network to the exact same SSID and password as the one we’re trying to extend/repeat.

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