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Could we set SCK's ip?


I ‘ve found that SC causes Router hangings, every time it connects to internet
maybe because it’s tryin’ to communicate (and it does sent data) by it’s default ip:

It’s something totaly annoying and inacceptable
cause it’s causing loss of internet signal (with duration about: 3-4 sec) every minute…

I tried to set that Router gives to SC’s MAC an acceptable ip, like
but SC does not accept it - it continues to take the ip

Is there some way that i could define a specific ip for my SC?

Thanks in advance!
(and… a Happy new year!!!)


I finally managed to set the SCK ip, by using the following commands:

set ip address
set ip backup
set ip gateway
set ip netmask

in the Serial Monitor…
as the Wifly manual describes…

But, the problem insists…
sometimes i see (in router’s interface) the ip associated to SCK

  • It seams like SC disorganizes router when tryin’ to connect (?)
    (my router is ZTE without no other problems)


Difficult things fom smbdy who’s has no special knowledge about this stuff…


Hi @dims, first time we hear about this problem. We are thinking about a DHCP issue but not sure yet. We will get back to you as soon as we figure out what can it be! Sorry for the inconveniences. Best.