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CSV download not working


I’ve been the last 24h trying to download the CSV from my 2.1 kit, and even if the normal messages appeared (We will process your sensor data and send you an email with a download link when it is ready and you’ll be notified soon in tour inbox) I haven’t received any email with the data. I had done this dozens of times before and always worked fine.

Now I’ve just tried to download it again and an error message appears after the first one: Uh-oh, something went wrong

Any idea what may be happening?


Hi @xavimeb

Thanks for posting your issue here.

Could you share here your device URL?


Thanks for your fast reply pral2a!

My kit is:

It is correctly transmitting to the platform, last measure at 16:14.


Hi @xavimeb

You export was generated correctly, but it looks there was an issue in our email delivery system.

We are working on it at the moment but I will send you the data as a private message!

Thank you