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Data not posting


My SCK seems to be maflunctioning. I can tell it’s connecting to the wifi (checked that it’s registered when I log into my wifi at home) but no data posts to the site and my kit appears offline. I tried doing firmware re-flash and adding the wifi networks again. No dice. What can I check next?

Thanks - here’s the error I get:

✓ Your kit is connected to WI-Fi!
✓ SCK >> SCK Connected to Wi-Fi!!
✓ SCK >> RTC Update Failed!!
✓ SCK >> RTC not updated!!!
✓ SCK >> With no valid time it’s useless to take readings!!
✓ SCK >> Trying to get valid time…
✓ Your kit has updated his clock!
✓ SCK >> RTC Updated!!
✓ SCK >> Error in connection!! Data saved in memory
✓ SCK >> Pending updates: 2
✓ SCK >> *******************
✓ SCK >> Temperature: 26196 C RAW
✓ SCK >> Humidity: 29456 % RAW
✓ SCK >> Light: 74.60 lx
✓ SCK >> Battery: 100.00 %
✓ SCK >> Solar Panel: 0 mV
✓ SCK >> Carbon Monxide: 140.26 kOhm
✓ SCK >> Nitrogen Dioxide: 118.47 kOhm
✓ SCK >> Noise: 0 mV
✓ SCK >> Wifi Spots: 0
✓ SCK >> UTC: 2016-09-29 16:38:34
✓ SCK >> *******************

How can I fix this? Is it Wi-Fi related?

Hi marciszewski,

To diagnose your problem correctly please go to the setup page of your kit, connect your kit via USB and click “start process”. After some time you should see the output of your kit in light blue inside the console, that info should give you a clue of what the problem is. Here are a couple of examples:

If everything is OK you should see something similar to this:

An example of wifi error:


ok - it appears it was Wi-Fi related. I tried the Arduino method of editing firmware directly and now seems to connect and post just fine. Can you just help me confirm which solar panel I can use with this? from what I’ve read there are many…

Hi marciszewski,

The solar panel should fulfil the specification of a voltage bigger than 8v and less than 15v, 12v is the recommended voltage, and a minimum of 500mA.

We recommend two different types right now, dependent on where you live and the respective solar intensity:

  1. For sunny regions 10W 12V is absolutely enough and will suffice over a whole years period (e. g.ía-Caravan-cualquier/dp/B013TYJ2IE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475572481&sr=8-1&keywords=solar+10w).

  2. For other, more northern regions, you might get problems with above mentioned type in the winter months, which is why we opt for a 20W 12V type (e. g.ía/dp/B0140OOC6O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475572485&sr=8-1&keywords=solar+20w).

I hope this helps. Let me know if anything is unclear.