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Dead SCK

After moving twice since I received the SCK I decided it was about time to set it up. However the SCK seems completely dead. When I plug it, no port appears on the arduino IDE, no LED is lit on the board, and no line appears in dmesg: is there any tip on what to try next? I have the goteo version with the microusb plug.

Hi @pang, Close to the LiPo battery connector you will find a microswitch. I guess you need to slide this switch in order to turn on your kit. A soon as you turn your kit on, a green LED close to the microswitch will turn. At the same time the blue LEDs will start blinking. Also, the yellow LEDs if you have your kit connected to your computer via USB cable. Once you have turn your SCK on, your device should be also available under TOOLS > SERIAL PORT. Do not forget to select Arduino Leonardo under TOOLS > BOARD when configuring your kit. If otherwise, you could corrupt the SCK’s bootloader. On the other hand, we would be glad to assist you with your SCK’s configuration process. Please, could you let us know which operating system and web browser do you use!? All the best.