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Death by night


Hi mdeheras - if you read his LS - it already says Boot=2, Backup=2 - issuing a boot image 2 - will not help. Bricked board.


It’s a test, he used to see if the module is corrupt …


I think I have a broken SCK!!!

<WEB_APP-1.06> boot image 2
Set Boot Image 2,= FAIL



Ok, I have already notified the team. We are currently talking with Microchip so that find a solution for all this corrupted modules. :slight_smile:


Ok, many thanks.


I have been having the same problems since the start of March.

I have tried updating to 0.8.6 and tried the Wifly rescue, but they don’t seem to help. The Wifly firmware is still listed as wifly-GSX-400 and I also get the FAIL when I try ‘boot image 2’.

Has there been any response from Microchip on how to fix this? Can I update the Wifly firmware manually?