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Deliver hardware from Spain

Very disappointing that I have to pay import duty where this is a “Smart Citizen has received funding from the European Community’s H2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No. 689954.“ funded project. So a module costs twice as much as the price in Seeed. :worried:

Where was this sent from? Not from within EU?

Ordered from the seeed studio redirected from the smartcitizen site and the apparently sends it from China.

In my experience, an order from seeed begins at their warehouse/factory in schenzen.
Then takes week to get to Hong Kong.
Then waits few days before onboard with FedEx. It then takes FedEx a few days to get it to your country, and then delivery.
The reason for 7-10 days delay on the first leg is never explained, and unclear why Seeed hang onto it for several days in Hong Kong before passing it to FedEx/DHL

I recently ordered some stuff from Insta360 also located in Schenzen, and then same unexplained initial delay is happening.

In Europe you can buy them directly from our distributor in Germany

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Point is, I am not send to a European site but a chinese site. And it’s european funded. So link me to a delivery from Europe. I made my mistake, just wantig to warn others and raise this simple question, why link to a Chinese site?

@pral2a you might see more of this in the future. A lot of people do not like China so much.

The parts in your local EU reseller cost more than Seeed. But do people understand that no matter the reseller, the items are manufactured in schenzen.

Here is an idea, move factory to Taiwan. Then its possible to ship right away, so overall delivery lag is less.

Although European resellers might like more expensive, they are not. My set from China, including shipping and taxes was about €200, a Dutch reseller Kiwi offers it for €144. So it’s cheaper. As I said my mistake.