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Developed a 'Social Sensing System' using SCK


I wanted to share that a group of us at the University of Pittsburgh - School of Computing and Information have developed a framework for ‘Social Sensing’ using SCK 2.1 and Slack. We have 20 people enrolled in our pilot project, and we hope to ‘make sense’ of our surroundings with low-cost sensors as well as human context and input.

We have our own web-server that includes some other data sources, including PurpleAir sensors and ‘official’ Allegheny county air quality sensors.

I want to thank the members on the forum here as well as the developers for their extensive documentation and for building a robust sensing system. We will be holding our first setup workshop tomorrow, and the pilot project will run for 3 months, after which time the participants can continue using the devices and system. We are looking forward to collectively making sense of our environment with low-cost sensors and social tools that connect to them.


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I would like to create a new tag for the system if possible: #NMRSocialSensing

Can someone help us get that tag up there?

Hi @abv13

The projects sounds amazing! We love to see communities building their own visualisations!

I just created the tag you requested!

Keep us posted!

Hi @abv13

Your project sounds very interesting. Your post was a few months ago… how is it going ?

I noticed you conduct rain readings by entering data manually.

FYI it’s possible to connect a Rain Gauge and Anemometer to SCS (not SCK), something I am working on …. and collect such data automatically.

The Rain Gauge is a Radeon RG15, and the Anemometer is a Calypso Instruments ULP device (version UART + ON DEMAND). Neither device has any moving parts, one uses Infrared to measure Rain, and the other uses Ultrasound to measure Wind.

When my project is ready for prime time, “how to” information will be posted via SC.