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Device not working - permanent white light

Hi there,
I am new, I hope I took the correct topic.

One of my Kits istn’t working anymore, no data online since three weeks:

Device: 2.1 from 2017+
sam: 0.9.7 esp: 0.9.2

The status LED is always white, no blinking. If I press it it turns blue (also no blinking) and nothing happens. I can’t get it into the setup mode. The Arduino console just crashes every time before the device sends any message. I tried to replace the firmware by connecting it to the pc and drag and drop the newest firmware to it, but nothing happened.

I don’t know what else I can do, can anyone help me please?

Hi there,

Apologies for the belated response.

Could you describe the steps a bit further with the upgrade? Is the LED flashing green after the double click on the reset button?
As well, could you potentially try the same (before upgrading) by disconnecting some items - like PM board or Urban board, from the Data Board?