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Disable LED for indoor use

Hi there!

After this very long waiting period, I was so happy to install the new SCK 2.1!

The installation was very easy and it is now up and running.

As it is installed in my room, I wanted to know if there was an convenient way to disable the LEDs?

Thanks for you help and cheers for your great work!

ps : can’t wait to see what enclosure you are preparing!!


That’s a nice feature for an upcoming firmware release.

We’re really busy right now but I already shared this with @victor our lead firmware developer

If anyone wants to work on that here is the source


Hi any progress here? I am not allowed to run the kit in our beroom…

The code piece appears to be no longer in the stated location.
But looking at Here:
It seems like the suggested change has been incorporated into the main stream. Correct ?

Sorry cant access the url. I am also very interested in this feature.
We have a p-r about this for quite a while.
Maybe a firmware dev could have a look at that?
Or if already implemented, we maybe can close it? :slight_smile:

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We’re working on a major 1.0 release and we’ll try to include it there