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Distance between two kits?

I want to know the distance in installing two different kits.

What is the effective range it can cover? How far can it sense and collect data?

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Its unclear what you are asking. Seems like it might be you want to know the range of the sensors.
Its not magic or SciFi or StarTrek The sensors read the value for air passing thru the sensor at one instant in time. Its direct measurement, not an electronic scan.
The ‘range’ is 0 metres. But its affected by air flow.
That’s the reason the recommended case enclosures all have air vents, the vents allow air to pass thru the device for new readings.

If there is another interpretation maybe its about measuring location of two kits to determine the distance between them and work out correlation between the two sets of results.
Elsewhere on this forum there is discussion about adding a highly accurate GPS device that would do just that. But the work to integrate GPS into the system isn’t yet complete.
You can look into getting one of the GPS sensors from Sparkfun so you can participate in the development. But ultimately GPS will be seen as an optional extra so not everyone will have it.
That leaves you back to reliance on the location information supplied by the owner of a kit when its registered. That information is imprecise at best and (in my estimation) doubtful usefulness. After all the kits can be moved around freely, only a few are secured in place.