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Do you have a Smart Citizens or similar project happening in your location? Please share!


For my own knowledge and also to share with others for the purpose of our organizing a global movement, I’'m collecting information Smart Citizens projects actually in process, at whatever stage, and those proposed or planned for the future. My interest is not confined only to the sensor-centered projects, which were quite specific in purpose, but projects anywhere that facilitate citizen engagement through novel uses of technology and effective social organization.

My own locale is Tucson, Arizona, in Pima County, one of the most broadband-capable jurisdictions in the USA. It is also one of the most autistic, in terms of citizens and residents being able to find out what is happening here: our commercial media are laughable, our public channels almost nonexistent, and people have an historical tendency not to engage in conversation more than is necessary to accomplish tasks. I formed Atelier Tomorrow Inc. as a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation to host Smart Citizens Pima+Baja Arizona, a citizen exchange intended to bolster efforts that establish our region’s identity and that contribute to its esprit: its political and cultural autonomy, development, and quality of life.

My sense is that the original Smart Citizens movement has subsided as its initial proponents have moved on to other causes. For those of us who continue to look for ways of improving urban and regional quality of life based on citizen engagement, even co-governance, the effort continues. It’s up to us to organize, share knowledge and experiences, and improve each other’s chances of success in implementing Smart Citizens in our homelands, regions, and cities, thereby making for real positive change. Thanks for your participation and getting in touch.



Yep… we are about to finishing the deployment of 40 SCKs in our campus (



Thank you for sharing your website with me. Madrid is a world city. It’s initiative as a community to learn more about itself is highly commendable. In this regard, you (and other forum readers) may want to know more about Los Angeles’ “geohub,” built with Esri technology. In an absolute sense, it’s not smart citizenry, when the city builds and operates the system. But consider the value of the model: a portal, a data-rich environment, interactive capability – the whole indexed by a dynamic, real-time atlas, in this case. presented in “2-1/2D” (3D perspective on-screen)! Isn’t this ideal for Smart Citizens projects? I’m not preaching using Esri as a base; there are open-source alternatives. Rather, I’m calling attention to the model itself:

Your thoughts (all readers)?