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Does the SCK support 802.1x

We want to connect the SCK to our university wireless (eduroam) account. Does the SCK support 802.1x authentication, if so, are there instructions on how to make this happen or advice that can be given? Thanks

Hi @sacculi,

Sorry, but the WiFly doesn’t support WPA-Enterprise and EAP-PEAP / EAP-TTLS /EAL-TLS used in eduroam authentication. As you know, to access an eduroam network, you’d need to be able to define three pieces of information: SSID, UserID, and Password. Currently the WiFly can only manage the SSID and the Password (or “Passphrase”). The manufacture’s data sheet has a command “set wlan id,” but isn’t being used yet (it’s listed as “Reserved for future use”). Hopefully a newer version of the firmware will allow for this.

In theory, if you have a computer within range of the SCK, you can get USB WiFi card and set it up as an access point, forwarding the SCK data through the PC to eduroam network. I’m not sure how you’d actually do it though (just an idea).

You should also check with the university’s Network Services or IT Department. They might be have a work around for you.

Please let us know what you find or if you hack a workaround for it.

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