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Empty link to Android app

At the bottom of the store page ( there is a link to the “Android app” , and it says the Smart Citizen Kit includes “Android application for SCK”.

As I believe the Android app isn’t implemented yet, I’d suggest that the link and the comment should be removed from the page.

@brunomperes: Yes! You are right! The Android app isn’t implemented yet. I will tell the platform guys not to remove it but yes to put a “coming soon” note or something similar. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Best. :slight_smile:

Bump in 2019.07
how is the Android app doing?

We don’t support the app anymore in favour of making fully responsive to mobile.

However, if you are interested, you can find the source here

Also, if you are looking for a dashboard for your devices, you can look at this experimental tool

Here the work in progress source code

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