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Permanent link for specific kit's dashboard

Hi all,

Regarding the dashboard “experimental” tool (explained by @pral2a in this thread Empty link to Android app):

It really looks great! But is there any way of assigning a permanent http link to a specific kit’s dashboard? I’d like to show this link in a Twitter profile, so anyone reading it can easily see the kit’s current data.

Thanks a lot,


I don’t think this exists for the moment. The only thing you can do is to “star” your sensor using the favourites option on the top-right menu.

However, you can even contribute this feature yourself or someone you know, the dashboard is open source and available here

Maybe @viktorsmari1 can work on it if he has some time :wink:



OK, thank you for your feedback @pral2a! I’d like to contribute myself, but unfortunately I am totally useless with coding :sweat_smile:

It would be certainly a nice feature… If someone is on the mood to implement it, it would be great!