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Finished set up but no data received



I’m having some trouble - not sure what I could be doing wrong or missed: I’ve successfully registered my board via site (or so it seems) however it never changes from the ‘no data received yet’ status.
Possible issues: 1.running it on an old computer, 2.weak internet signal (however, these two didn’t prevent it from registering or running other simulation programs), 3.wrong Arduino installation (running 1.0.5 on windows), or?..

Please help

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

PS. I am also interested in purchasing another board (if I get this one going) along with a PV charger - would you have any left?


Hi PBap

did you manage to get it up and running? did you manage to install the latest firmware?

can you please follow this instructions:

can you describe in which environment are you working and wifi conditions? it is at home or in some firewall protected environment

you can order more boards in our site:

good luck! and sorry for the late reply!


Hi Tomas
I got it up and running!
I didn’t get an answer notification so I’m actually only seeing this now (!).
Thanks for the reply even if late :slight_smile: …(I’m replying much -much- later).


Hi @Pbap! Thanks a lot for your post. We are glad to hear that your kit is up and running. Anyway, I have seen that your SCK has not been updated for the last 6 days. Is it (still) working well!? Please, do not hesitate to let us know if you need further assistance. All the best.


Dear all,

I have been searching the forum and this issue fits to my issue in the best way.

My kit is working and submitting data.
I see the stream of my sensor 1966 in the website.
I see the data on my iPhone app as well.

But on the map it is still mentioned “No data received” and downloading data provides empty data records.

What is wrong?



Hi @jomo_racing! Sometimes it takes time to the platform to start managing/showing the data. We have already noticed that issue and we are working to fix it ASAP. Luckily, if the SCK’s configuration has been done correctly, data records do always appear sooner or later, as I can see in your device #1966. Sometimes is as simple as reseting (turning off/on) the kit. Best.


Correct, see


Thanks all, @aitoraloa @tomasdiez - all is great now! :slight_smile: