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Firewall Requirements

I’m trying to install an SCK in an educational setting where they are cautious about external devices on their network. Can I confirm what is needed from a firewall perspective:

  • What is the IP/address of the endpoint that data is sent to?
  • Is it TCP or UDP?
  • What is the port number at the endpoint (80? 443?)
  • Is any access required into the device from the outside?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Johnny,
I had the same issue at my University. We have a protocol for adding media devices (like Roku and Apple TV). All that was required was the MAC address of the device. It wasn’t as straightforward as a typical Roku setup, but with IT help, I was able to add it to the network in short order. I then took the device to another building (same University network) and it connected right away.

Once it’s connected to the network, it will begin sending data directly to

Good luck!

Here a bit more info

thanks - that’s what I needed