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Help: Error while collecting data

Hello, I reed the topic about this subject and nothing.

I have a smart citizen kit.
This Summer it was working perfectly well.

Today I want to reconnect it and here below what’s happen:

  • with my account alpaga, I did the process to connect to a new wifi in a new place and I did all the step correctly and at the end the blue light is blinking very fast so no data available
  • I did the same experience with the SD card, same (purple light is blinking fast) no data available
  • I created a new account : crowtech : same
  • I reset did the operation again same
  • I went on the GitHub : " Smart Citizen Kit 2.0 release (SAM 0.9.6 - ESP 0.9.2)" to up date with the “SAM_firmware_SCK20_096.uf2” try again the same operation, and still blinking fast with to possibility to take the data

Do you have idea to help me or had the same problem and help me to solve it.
Many thanks
Muchas gracias, hablo un poquito español también et français


Best is to have access to a terminal or the Arduino IDE and have a look at the Shell output. In this part, you can change the configuration and if it still doesn’t work, paste the output log here. From what you described, it seems there is a problem with the SCK getting the RTC (basically, the time), and it doesn’t know how to record data because of it. Better to put here the output log though and we can help you.