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High pitch noise when powered by USB

When I power the device via USB, it makes a lot of varies noises (electronic humming and buzzing) when transmitting (LED3 is blinking), then in sleep mode between transmissions its fine, nice and quiet. The device is updating to the server fine other than the overshoots in temp/humidity of ++130oC and ++150%

Any ideas what is causing it?

I have a same problem on over temperature/humidity.

Hi fellows! :slight_smile:

@Frodo: I have got two SCKs at home desk and one of them also makes a lot of varies electronic noises (someone would say music :). At the office I have a couple more and both of them make also a bit of noise when transmitting. Up to certain level this is normal! Does it affect your noise measurements!?

@frodo @mangsab: The overshoots in temperature/humidity are being debugged. Those two groups of data are sent in RAW to the platform, where the algorithms are applied. It seems like sometimes it does the maths wrong or something. We still looking for the bug! :slight_smile: More news on this soon! :slight_smile: