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Homepage Map makes everything run really slow

Many of the smart citizen web pages have that map will thousands of devices uploading information to and that map runs really, really slowly. That map kills any but the fastest internet connections (even in South Korea) and having it as a background on the home page as well as many of the other pages makes the website really unwieldy. I often have to just close my browser and restart when that map hangs. Please make that map on a separate page of it’s own rather that the home page and so many backgrounds. Thank you
Love the device and will be using it in a “hackathon” in Seoul this weekend. Don’t plan on hacking the sck itself, but using it with Arduino in a project.

I used an adblocker to hide the map.
You can add rules to adblocker for certain elements on a webpage. In this case I chose to block the map element because indeed it eats all my CPU.