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How can I solve my problems?


After having installed my SCK next week, I got a problem with pression and humidity always getting 50°C and 100% humidity.
As requested, I updated my SCK with the last release.

Now i got this in my arduino

Temperature: 27452 C RAW
Humidity: 21892 % RAW
Light: 210.0 lx
Battery: 70.0 %
Solar Panel: 0 V
Carbon Monxide: 363.649 kOhm
Nitrogen Dioxide: 8.506 kOhm
Noise: 47 mV
Wifi Spots: 0
UTC: 2000-01-01 00:18:51


In my first setup, I found between 9 and 12 wifi spotted, now, nothin.


When adding my sensor to the network, I don’t have any problem.
But when I try to configure it, when I click on "start process’, i got the following logs :
✓ Checking your Smart Citizen Kit version. This could take a while, please wait.
✓ Your kit is running an older firmware. This is not the latest firmware.
✓ Press Upload Firmware to upgrage the firmware of your Smart Citizen Kit

Then I select my version (1.1) and click on “upload firmware” and I got the following result after 3 attemps :

✓ Firmware update failed! Could not upload sketch to your Smart Citizen Board. Try unplugging your Smart Citizen Kit and connecting it again. Retrying 2 of 2.
✓ Trying Smart Citizen Kit auto-reset. If it does not reset automatically please reset the Smart Citizen Kit manually!
✓ Firmware update failed after 3 attempts. Please, reset your kit or try to upload the firmware manually. More info

The first time I registered and configured my sck, I don’t had any problems and I configured the wifi successfully.

So, How can I solve those problemes ?
Can someone help me please ?

PS : I checked my SCK with the check script and all was ok.

What is your operating system and browser you are using? Have you tried to put the firmware manually and the network manually?

As i said, all worked the first time, now, I’m totaly unable to redo it.

About the firmware, I have downloaded the last on github and load it on the sck with the arduino software (is there another method ? )

My browser is firefox.

To add networks manually make the changes as shown in the images, replacing it with your network settings and upload the firmware.

Ok, thank you.
Now, it sends data successfully to the website.


I still have the problem with temperature and humidity (50°C and 100%)
So first problem resolved, thank you.
Now, I only need to solve this data problem …

Is that a problem on the website ?

Yes, seems to be a problem with the website. Looked like it had been fixed, but apparently not, in the next few hours to look at him to fix.

OK thank you

I’ll follow this bug fix.

Do you know why as had to do it manually ?

Tried to reboot the browser? Sometimes I found that the USB port is not working, although it detects the USB is connected, if you restart the browser works again.

It has failed several day, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue