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How is the project supported after sale - and some other questions

Hello! I am a PhD student working on a citizen science project for environmental monitoring with a lot of ideas overlapping with the Smart Citizen Project. I have a few questions about the SCK:

  1. Are there any examples of a sustained long-term power supply option (wall-power) with an outdoor SCK with enclosure?
  2. Is the enclosure for sale anywhere? Or does it need to be 3D printed?
  3. Does the SCK support the addition of a soil moisture sensor?
  4. If one of the components stops functioning, does the whole kit need to be replaced? Or do you sell replacement boards/sensors?
  5. What does support look like once the kit is purchased? If it is bought by non-tech-savvy people, will they be able to call/post somewhere and get support to install and repair the kit?

Thank you in advance for any responses! Looking forward to purchasing some of these and experimenting with them.

I am not from the development team but I can suggest that some of your questions might best be answered by SEEED technologies as the reseller and manufacturer of most of the electronic components. They have a duty of care concerning items they sell.

Concerning what happens if something fails after a storm I note that individual boards are not listed for sale in the SEEED bazaar. If enough people ask they could be pushed to offer individual components (I guess).
However for a non technical person trying to isolate faults in such an item before going out to purchase the correct spare part, I suggest making friends with your friendly local electronics geek who generally doesn’t get out much (!)