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How to update ESP firmware


I just successfully updated the SAM firmware to 0.9.6
I also would like to update the ESP’s firmware. says that the update guide for the ESP is still under construction.

Is there any guide available?


Hi Vito,

The last firmware we released for ESP was version 0.9.2 if you have an older version you can follow the (just updated :wink: so maybe you need to wait a little ) instructions in the firmware update guide near the bottom.

If you are in a hurry here is a screenshot:

If you already have the latest version but for some reason you still want to upload the firmware, you can force by clicking the info button (top right) on the setup screen that you find when conected to your kit in [setup]( Link mode:


And activate the Force allow firmware update


So you will be asked for the firmware file.


Hope it helps!

hello - my kit won’t publish via wi-fi for some reason. It’s sck 2.1, i’ve updated firmware and forced update this ESP firmware as well. all goes well and the light is glowing blue like my other kits but never posts anything to the site.

what else can i check?

Hello Marciszewski,

If the kit doesn’t show any error on the led blinking (hard blnk) that meas he doesn’t detect any problem. One option is that the token (the one that your kit uses to identify himself to the platform) is misspelled and the readings are not received by your account in the platform.
You can check and correct the token connecting to your kit in setup mode or try to do the onboarding process again just to be sure that’s not the case.
Other option is trying to debug your kit via the SCK shell, all errors should show there.

Hope this helps

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