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ICS43432 Gets "stuck"


Not sure if this is a hardware or software fault, but the audio level sensor seems to get stuck on one value on my board. For example overnight last night it continually read 99.08dBA. This morning I removed battery power and reapplied power and it has started reading again. This has happened a few times now. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? and does anyone know a fix? Hardware wise the board seems to be in good condition (no corrosion etc…) and the connection between the 2 boards feels nice and firm.

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Hi Rob

I am aware that there can sometimes be issues with the ICS43432 sound level sensor. I believe it concerns I2S interface and its library.

I spent some time trying to debug it on my SCS system, I never fully resolved that issue but eventually just disabled it in my own private version of the firmware to stop it uselessly trying.

It is possible, but not yet clear if FabLabs will be dealing with issues on this sensor as part of planned revamp of the Urban board. The main purpose of that update is that certain of the sensors are no longer available, part of the reason we do not yet see stocks of basic kits appearing at Seed Studios. (it has been a very long delay).
However only FabLabs can provide definitive answers on this matter. (@oscgonfer )


Interesting, I guess for now we will live with it, although the sensor is located next to a road so it’s quite nice to have noise levels. I have a spare DFRobot board somewhere for audio levels so maybe I could run this alongside and submit readings via the API.

If FabLab are reworking the boards I’d love to add some requirements, as well as a new sensor board I’d like to see a new base board with LoRaWAN support so we can shove this thing out in the real wild without constraints of WiFi…

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Are the conditions humid? This has been happening to our sesnors on colder and more humid days. Especially the ones which have been hanging in the weather for longer than a year or two.


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Hi all!
@bryn.parrott and @bron, thanks for the replies and for the support.
It is the case, as the replies above state, that the ICS43432 suffers when exposed to humid conditions. After a while in drier environments it (might) come back - but it is not always the case.

We discussed some options here: Rain tests for the SCK - #3 by oscgonfer

regarding @rob comment

Coming soon - if I have some time in the following days I will start a thread with a big long statement about current status and plans - and of course we will be very interested to hear your comments

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I can acknowledge that the environment in which I am located is very humid most of the time above 60 % RH. So my experience noted earlier may have common cause with those of others noted earlier.