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ID 1994 sensor not uploading data

hi I’ve configured sensor and registered on website but error message offline / No data received yet…

Serial monitor is polling message like below

SCK Waking ip…
SCKConnected ! !
Fail server time ! !
updates = 1
Posted to Server
Old connection active. Closing…
SCK Sleeping

Not sure how to check if the sensor is connecting but any help appreciated on next steps to getting sensor connected…

Arduino IDE 1.0.6
Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.99
OS: Windows 7 enterprise service pack 1

Thanks lol

hi @fablabliverpool, That is a platform bug! Right now we are facing issues with the mentioned “No data received”, geolocation during log-in process (you can edit it later from dashboard) and datasets download. Hopefully they will be solved very soon. Sorry for the inconveniences. Best. :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response, have made suggested changes editing geolocation I assume just manually selecting location and saving / same error. only other observation UTC is set to 2000 -01 01 not sure if this is effecting server best lol

Hi sensor now dowloading thanks to the smart citizen gods