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Impact of PM power saving to measures


is there any study of the impact of power saving of the PM sensor? I suspect that if we don’t keep the air flowing all the time, and we only turn on the fan for a short time, the measures might be biased.

I see from the PMS5003 datasheet that the error should be in range < 10umg/m3 in a switching on/off at 0.5Hz, so maybe that’s an indicator that the procedure should be OK.

Did the smartcitizen programmers do their own tests?

Thank you.


Yes, there is. We performed tests in low and high particle environments for short term periods in order to check the effect on the measurements. You can find a note explaining the results here, but the key takeaway is that the sensor takes some time to stabilize and it needs maximum 15s to do so, which is what we have implemented.

From the long term deployment point of view we have not seen any effect of this in the performance of the sensor, other than normal accumulation of dust in the inner channels of the PMS, but this has been seen in continuous mode as well, and it’s probably more due to the construction of the sensor itself.

Open to comments if any!