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Interface bugs

The website won’t let me click to set my location. It’s not browser friendly at all… by that I mean that I’ve tried Safari on Mac and Google Chrome, Firefox, and even IE. None work. I can find my exact location on the map but when I click on it the lat / long data doesn’t populate the form

Hi Mike! Yes, you are right. The “GEO LATITUDE, GEO LONGITUDE” feature does not work correctly. Sorry for that. We have detected this anomaly (and few more) in our interface and we are already working on them. I will let you know as soon as we fix it. Hopefully, within hours. All the best. Aitor. :wink:

That’s fine. It’s not a big deal but my “location” is about 6 miles off (sorry, I don’t know what that is in km).

On a plus note- everything is working

Hi Mike! The GEOCODER feature is working again. Best. :slight_smile: